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When selling on eBay, there are many "tricks of the trade" and we use them to benefit our clients. Our wealth of knowledge regarding eBay sales, as well as our established client base enables us to get the highest price possible for your designer items. We pride ourselves on being a top eBay seller with 100% positive feedback and a feedback rating of 1,100+ and counting.

Advantages of Consigning with 309 Consign

  • We craft strong listings, which include professionally written, accurate and detailed descriptions of your items that will not only entice potential customers but let them know exactly what they're getting. Any information you can provide in regards to your items, may also help in the description process (i.e. the city, country and store where you purchased the item, or if it is a vintage item you can provide it's history.
  • Our commercial photographer will photograph all of your items in our high fashion, red carpet studio and will ensure that all important elements of your designer items are shown in the photographs. For example, it is a known fact that there are many inauthentic 7 for All Mankind jeans out there. The best way to authenticate 7 for All Mankind jeans is by looking at the tags. We ALWAYS include photographs of the tags on our 7 for All Mankind auctions. High quality photographs are a top priority when selling on eBay, and we provide that for free as part of our consignment service!
  • We will use all of the appropriate key words within the Title of your listings to ensure optimal visibility within ebay search results. This is essential to successful ebay selling, as items which do not contain the correct key words do not show up in search results and therefore are not visible to potential buyers. We have come across many "professional" eBay sellers who do not properly craft their listing titles and inevitably the items do not sell for the high price for which they should sell.
  • Our listing designer will ensure that your items and item listings look as good as they sound.

Whether you have items at your home or overstock from a department store, we can help you turn a high profit on your items!

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